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Lawn Care Madison WI

Sun Prairie Lawn and Landscape offers full service carbon negative lawn care in Madison WI and the surrounding areas. Whether you need on-demand mowing while on vacation or an annual contract, our team can help you! We help numerous customers outsource their lawn care needs while also providing top notch customer service. Be sure to ask about our veteran and senior citizen (65+) discounts when you contact our team.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn care in Madison Wisconsin can be a ton of work. In fact, most homeowners need to mow their lawn every week to keep it healthy through out the season. Many people let their grass grow too long and cut off too much by waiting to mow. This can damage your lawn and allow more weeds to grow.

Our goal when mowing is to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. This helps us prevent the need for fertilizer and pesticides later, which helps keep our local waterways cleaner!

Our team uses well maintained commercial equipment for all our lawn mowing. We offer our clients seasonal contracts or on-demand mowing depending on their needs. No job is too small for our team!

Green grass after being cut by a company offer lawn care in Madison WI.

Lawn Establishment & Renovation

Lawn establishment is installing or seeding a lawn on top of bare soil. Often this takes place after invasive landscaping that has left bare spots in your yard. Lawn establishment typically happens in one of two ways: Seed or Sod. The most common way lawns are established is by spreading grass seed and providing the necessary care. However, recently sod lawn establishment has become much more popular.

Our team offers both seed and sod lawn establishment. The main difference comes down to price and maintenance. Sod is more expensive upfront, but requires significantly less follow up maintenance. If you aren’t sure which is right for your lawn, be sure to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Lastly, our team also offers lawn renovation to reclaim a poorly maintained lawn. If your lawn has excessive weeds or bare patches of soil, lawn renovation is what you need. Often lawn renovation involves a specific maintenance routine. Often this will include fertilizing, regular mowing, & aeration. In rare cases, herbicides are required to get your yard back to normal.

If your yard is in need of lawn establishment or renovation, contact our team to discuss your needs and get a free personalized quote.

Image of a Monona Lawn & Landscaping team member seeding a customer's lawn.

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